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As a business owner, you already know the importance of maintaining proper insurance coverage. You probably already have policies protecting your property, inventory, health, life, and employees. One of the most important policies that your business may need to be fully protected is commercial auto insurance.

Why Commercial Auto Coverage?

Commercial auto insurance, also know as a business auto policy (BAP), provides accident protection for vehicles that are used in the course of conducting business. A standard vehicle policy may provide protection for personal use, but will not normally cover accidents that occur when the vehicle is used for business purposes. A separate, specific business policy is normally required to protect your business in those cases.

What Vehicles Are Covered?

No matter what industry you’re in, if you or your employees use a vehicle on the job, you need business auto protection. Our commercial auto insurance covers a wide range of vehicles.

  • Delivery Vehicles: This can include cars, trucks, vans, or any other vehicle that is used to provide deliveries for your business.
  • Work Trucks: Pickups, flatbeds, utility vans, tool trucks, or any other vehicles transporting tools, supplies, or workers to job sites or other locations may need a commercial auto policy.
  • Box Trucks: Whether hauling supplies, equipment, tools, or machinery, any kind of enclosed truck used for business may qualify.
  • Cargo Vans: Popular for their versatility, cargo vans can be used for deliveries, transporting tools or supplies, inventory management, pets, or any other type of cargo.
  • Shuttles: Transporting clients, employees, or other groups of people in a car or van typically requires a commercial auto policy.
  • Large Trucks: Large flatbed trucks, enclosed cargo trucks, equipment haulers, or semis will require a commercial auto policy for proper coverage.
  • Specialty Equipment: Specialized vehicles such as bucket trucks, dump trucks, trash haulers, cement mixers, concession trailers, and other customized equipment will generally require commercial auto coverage.
  • Personal Vehicles: Vehicles that are owned by you or your employees but are used in the course of operating your business will usually require a commercial auto policy.
construction vehicle being hauled on a truck trailer
commercial harvester working in a field
pickup truck with trailer full of snowblowers

Types Of Coverage

Commercial auto insurance typically includes some or all of the following:

Bodily Injury Liability

This provides coverage for medical bills, rehabilitation, and other expenses if someone is injured in an accident caused by one of your vehicles.

Property Damage Liability

If you or one of your drivers is at fault in an accident, this coverage provides repair or replacement of property that is damaged.

Uninsured Motorist

This coverage protects you in the event someone else is at fault in an accident and has no insurance or insufficient coverage to pay for your damages.

Collision and Comprehensive

This covers damage to your vehicle from an accident, or losses from other causes such as storm damage or theft.

Getting Protection

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to an unexpected accident. Let one of our consultants work with you to assemble a commercial auto policy customized to fit your needs. Contact us today.