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Equipment Loss Can Stop Commercial Contractors in Their Tracks. Is Your Heavy Equipment Protected?

There are many potential pitfalls for businesses these days. Even the most successful enterprises are at risk of accidents, natural disasters, criminal activity, and other potentially tragic unexpected events. To survive, it is crucial that a business is protected in every way possible against unforeseen losses. For many construction contractors, heavy equipment insurance is one of those necessary precautions.

What Is Heavy Equipment Insurance?

One of the biggest investments for a construction contractor is their line of heavy equipment. Bulldozers, cement mixers, earthmovers, cranes and many other large machinery items are both expensive and critical to the day-to-day operation of the business. Any losses or damage to the equipment could be crippling, and might potentially shut down an entire operation. Heavy equipment insurance protects against such losses.

Included Coverage

Heavy equipment insurance, also known as commercial contractor’s equipment insurance, could include any or all of the following:

  • Theft: A contractor working at a large, remote site is often required to leave heavy equipment at the site for the duration of the work. As secure as the site may be, there is always the possibility that some equipment or parts may be stolen. Heavy equipment insurance protects against theft on the job site or other remote location.
  • Vandalism: Losses due to vandalism can be enormous. Equipment may be damaged, disabled, or completely destroyed, bringing work to a standstill while repairs are made or replacements are procured. Heavy equipment insurance helps get the repairs or replacements in place quickly and production resumed as soon as possible.
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  • Natural Disaster: A natural disaster can cause extensive damage to expensive equipment. Heavy equipment insurance can help you cover these losses and get your operation back up and running quickly and efficiently.
  • Accident: Working with heavy equipment carries an inherent level of danger, and occasionally accidents occur regardless of proper safety policies. Heavy equipment coverage can get your damaged equipment repaired or replaced and your business in operation again.
  • Cleanup and Resolution: One of the results of a loss or accident is the damage to the worksite itself. A heavy equipment policy can include the cost of cleaning up and restoring the site to normal again.

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The cost of losses to heavy equipment on a worksite can be astronomical. For many businesses, an unforeseen incident could cause the entire operation to be crippled, or possibly even shut down completely. Heavy equipment insurance can protect your investment and provide the coverage you need to survive in the event of an occurrence. Find out today what your business needs to be fully protected. One of our insurance agents can evaluate your needs, determine your options, and help you select a policy designed to take care of your future. Contact us today.