10 Surprising Things Your Home Insurance Might Cover

brick fronted house with major fire damage indicating the need to put in a homeowners insurance claim

Home insurance – it’s there to protect your precious house in case of fire, theft, or a rogue windstorm. But not many people really dig deep into what their policy covers. Did you know your policy might hold some hidden gems waiting to be discovered? Beyond the expected coverage lies a treasure trove of benefits that could save you a pretty penny (or a delicious steak dinner) in unexpected situations. As always in the small print, sometime you can find pleasant and unpleasant surprises.  Let’s delve into 10 surprising things your home insurance might cover:

1. Detached Structures: More Than Just Your House

Think your policy only covers the bricks and mortar (or studs and sheetrock here in New England) of your main residence? Think again! Many homeowners insurance policies extend coverage to detached structures like garages, sheds, gazebos, or even a fancy backyard cabana. So, if a rogue baseball or a mischievous raccoon damages your gardening haven, your insurance might have you covered.

2. Food Spoilage: Power Outage Blues Be Gone

Imagine this: a summer storm rolls through, knocking out your power for days. Your fridge thaws, and your freezer’s bounty turns into a science experiment. Some policies offer coverage for spoiled food due to a power outage. Be sure to check your policy limits and the specific duration covered. This is also a very good option to have when you have a business related to food, such a restaurant or food distribution company.

3. Loss of Use: When Home Sweet Home Becomes Uninhabitable

A fire, a flood, or a major structural issue can render your home unlivable. But the bills don’t stop! “Loss of Use” coverage helps with additional living expenses incurred while your home is being repaired. This could include hotel stays, restaurant meals, and even laundry services – all to maintain a semblance of normalcy during a stressful time.

4. Legal Battles: Accidents Happen.

Accidents happen, even at home. If your dog takes an unfortunate liking to the mail carrier’s leg, or a guest trips and injures themselves, your liability coverage can kick in. This helps cover legal fees and medical expenses if someone sues you due to an accident on your property (coverage limits apply, of course).

5. Identity Theft: Not Just for the Rich and Famous

Identity theft can wreak havoc on your finances and credit score. Some home insurance policies offer coverage for expenses related to identity theft, such as legal fees, credit monitoring, and even lost wages due to time spent resolving the issue. There is also such insurance policy that cover cyber liability, again, if you have a business related to collecting some information.

6. Acts of God (and Aliens?): Out-of-This-World Coverage

While a meteor shower might seem like a scene from a sci-fi movie, it’s actually covered under most home insurance policies! This extends to other “acts of God” like earthquakes or volcanic eruptions. So, if a falling star decides to take a vacation on your roof, your insurance should have you covered (minus any potential alien invasion legal battles).

7. Stolen Belongings: Beyond the Walls of Your Home

Let’s say your laptop gets snatched from a coffee shop, or your bike disappears from a bike rack. Believe it or not, some home insurance policies offer coverage for personal belongings stolen outside your home, up to a certain limit.

8. Vandalism and Riots: When Things Get Unruly

If your neighborhood experiences a protest that turns destructive, or your teenager’s window gets decorated with creative graffiti, your vandalism and riot coverage can help pay for repairs.

9. Lawsuits: From Libel to Slander

While rare, some home insurance policies offer coverage for lawsuits arising from libel or slander. This can be a lifesaver if someone sues you for something you said (either accidentally or intentionally) that damages their reputation.

10. New Lock, Who Dis?

Had a roommate move out on bad terms, or simply lost your keys? Some policies cover the cost of replacing locks after a break-in or if you lose your keys. This helps ensure the security of your home.

Remember, It All Depends on Your Policy

It’s important to note that coverage details and limitations will vary depending on your specific policy and insurance company. Be sure to carefully review your policy documents or contact your insurance provider to understand the specifics of what your home insurance covers. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and ensure you have the right level of coverage for your needs.

By understanding the hidden gems within your home insurance policy, you can approach unexpected situations with a little more peace of mind. After all, your home insurance is there to protect not just your physical property, but also your financial well-being during life’s little curveballs.

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