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Why You Want to Have Flood Insurance to an Addition to a Homeowners Insurance in Massachusetts

Massachusetts, especially the charming South Shore, boasts stunning coastal landscapes, vibrant harbors, and a rich sense of community. However, seaside beauty also comes with a downside: the ever-present threat of floods. While homeowners insurance protects against fire, theft, and other perils, it leaves your home vulnerable to the devastating consequences of floodwaters. This is where […]

Becoming an Insurance Professional: Things You Need to Know

Whether you need personal insurance or business coverage, Banas & Fickert Insurance Agency is here to help. Contact us today to learn more! 413-527-2700 We all know how hard it is to find a job. Especially if you are looking for something that has higher pay and no qualifications are required. Being an insurance agent […]

Your questions on Life Insurance ANSWERED

Plan ahead, your loved ones will thank you. We always think there’s time, until it’s too late and we leave the ones left behind scrambling trying to figure it all out. Are you thinking about life insurance? Maybe you are coming up on a potential life milestone prompting you to take action. People get life […]


8 Common Holiday Insurance Claims

The holiday season, particularly Christmas, comes with excitement, high expectations, and joyful moments. However, excitement can result in unexpected risks and hazards. Damages, personal injuries, and accidents are the most common claims insurance companies face during the festive season. Here’s a look at the most common holiday insurance claims. 1. Falling Through the Attic Missing […]

Thinking About Life Insurance?

Are you in the market for a life insurance provider? The advantages of life insurance aren’t debatable, yet some people don’t have it. If you’ve decided to buy life insurance, congratulations. However, you need to identify the best and most affordable way to cover yourself and your loved ones. The following tips can help you.

Private Flood Insurance: Is It A Good Idea?

Whether man-made or natural, floods are some of the biggest and most destructive forces of nature known to mankind. According to WHO, up to 90% of all documented natural disasters have resulted from floods, cyclones, and severe storms over the last decade. As floods continue to increase in intensity and frequency, it is time to […]