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Prevention and Safety Tips for Protecting Your Home Against Fires

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Did you know that a home fire outbreak happens every 93 seconds? Hands down, a fire outbreak is the most frustrating incident a homeowner can experience. The flames, smoke, heat, as well as the water used to put it out, can lead to severe damage to your house and belongings. What’s worse? House fires have taken the lives of many people. Sure, you cannot be in control of everything. All the same, there is no doubt that having an emergency escape plan can prevent loss of damages, losses, and fatalities.

Include All Members Of The Family

The official fire recommendation instructs that in case of a house fire, you strive to exit without trying to save anyone else. Well, experience reports that no parent has ever heeded this recommendation. That explains why your fire reaction plan should also include your instant response to your children being in danger. If you have seniors or pets in your home, they too should be considered in the emergency escape plan.

Identify Two Ways of Exiting Every Room Of Your Home

Once you have everybody together and ready to make a plan, explore your home and analyze all possible escape routes. If you have younger kids, you should have a reliable sketch of your home’s floor plan, identifying two exits from each room. Also, remember to mark out the location of every smoke alarm.

Designate A Safe Place Outside Your Home

Identify a safe meeting place, for instance, a light post, a stop sign, or neighbors’ mailbox ‘where people can converge after escaping. This should be a safe distance from your home. Once you safely escape a fire incident, know the most important number you should call-911. Also, remember to practice this plan every year together with your loved ones and your pets.

What Are Some of The Common Causes of Fires?

  • Cooking equipment is responsible for over 49 percent of all home fires.
  • Open flame candles cause over 21 house fires every day.
  • Portable heaters have caused about 52000 home fires annually.
  • Faulty wiring results in $1.3 billion property loss and damage each day.

So, Would Your Home Pass The Fireproofing Safety Test

Numerous jurisdictions in the United States have incorporated fire safety inspection programs to ensure that commercial and residential buildings comply with fire codes. The idea is to prevent cases of fire outbreaks in these places. Here is a home fire safety checklist. Go through your home and check whether the following fire accessories are present. If some items are missing, be sure to address them with immediate effect.

Smoke Alarms

They should be installed at all levels of your home. This includes the outside and inside sleeping areas and the basement. It is crucial that you test them monthly to ensure that they are in perfect working conditions and remember to replace them every ten years.

Fire Extinguishers

Like smoke alarms, you should have fire extinguishers at every level of your home. This includes the kitchen, attic, basement, and garage. Please note that all your fire extinguishers should have an ABC rating. ABC rating dictates the kind of materials that a particular fire extinguisher is designed to manage and put out.


When using a candle, it is crucial that you keep away all the flammable materials such as curtains and blankets at least one foot away. After use, blow out your candle and be sure to place it in a secure, tip-proof candle holder.


Only burn manufactured logs and wood in your fireplace. Also, remember always to clean up the firebox amid usages and have the chimney thoroughly cleaned every year. Most importantly, always ensure that you are in the room as the fire goes. Keep your matches and lighters locked away and out of the children’s and pet’s reach.


Remember to clean out the dust, dirt, lint, and other foreign materials in the attic vents. It is also crucial that you keep away all flammable items and other materials that can cause fires out of the attic.

Did you know that home fire incidences tend to increase every Saturday and Sunday? It is therefore crucial that you go through your fire safety checklist to ensure that you have all the necessary accessories. Even so, be more vigilant to avoid putting your life and that of your loved ones in jeopardy.