8 Common Holiday Insurance Claims

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The holiday season, particularly Christmas, comes with excitement, high expectations, and joyful moments. However, excitement can result in unexpected risks and hazards. Damages, personal injuries, and accidents are the most common claims insurance companies face during the festive season. Here’s a look at the most common holiday insurance claims.

1. Falling Through the Attic

Missing the ceiling joists when bringing down Christmas decorations is common. That puts much pressure on the actual ceiling, which cannot support a person’s weight, resulting in a missed footing and even falling through the ceiling. It’s best to be watchful about where you place your feet.

  • Be careful where you tread
  • Take your time
  • Bring a bright flashlight with you

2. Faulty String Lights

A fire can ensue if your Christmas tree’s string lights are faulty. One of the common culprits causing the light-not-working problem is a bad fuse that needs replacement. Otherwise, error on the safer side and ensure that your Christmas tree lights are switched off and unplugged when not in use.

  • Switch off your lights before you leave the room or go to bed

3. Naked Flames

Burning flames, including candles, induce a calming atmosphere in homes. However, these bright flames can easily create a fire hazard. As a safety precaution, it’s wise to keep candles away from the Christmas tree or other soft furnishings and ensure that they aren’t left unsupervised.

  • Do not attach candles to your tree
  • Do not leave candles
  • Light far away from dry wreaths or Christmas Tree

4. Slipping on Ladders

Falling off ladders while decorating your home or removing Christmas decorations can occur in a split second and cause injuries. Before using your ladder, practice ladder safety by ensuring it’s stable and that someone’s there to watch you as you climb.

  • Bring a partner
  • Install lights during the daytime
  • Ensure ladder is stable before climbing

5. Stolen Presents

Finding out that your expensive gifts have gone missing can be frustrating. As soon as you get your present, please keep it in a safe place. And if you’re expecting packages during Christmas, it’ll be worth your while to expedite the process and get your packages quickly when you’re around. Also, consider installing security cameras inside your house and front porch to deter the theft of your packages.

  • Bring in packages delivered outside in as soon as possible
  • Consider installing a security camera facing the front of your house
  • Leave lights on in your home even when you’re away

6. Broken Valuables

A memorable holiday may involve singing, dancing, and partying. When people get tipsy after having their favorite cold alcoholic drinks, they may start falling over and eventually break most prized possessions. It’s wise to clear the party room of any breakable items before party day.

  • Remove valuables from the rooms where family and guests will be celebrating

7. Freezer Failure

Your freezer may fail to work when you need it most, leaving your holiday shopping at risk of getting spoilt. You should purchase a new freezer beforehand if you feel like it’s time to upgrade your old freezer. But if the unfortunate happens after you’ve done your holiday shopping and there’s no way you can purchase a new one, you can always request your neighbors to use theirs.

  • Invest in a new freezer before the holidays if it’s on it’s last legs

8. Burst Pipes

Burst water pipes during the holiday are frustrating. Note that water pipes are susceptible to bursting due to changing temperatures or water pressure. But there’s something you can do to minimize that risk. You can switch off your water supply at the mains, leave your home’s heating constantly at a low, or even use pipe sleeves made of foam to insulate your water pipes and maintain a constant water temperature.

  • Install pipe insulation
  • Keep heat on
  • Ensure crawl spaces are not exposed to the elements

Final Thoughts
As you dive into the December holidays, it’s critical that you take care of yourself by social distancing and having adequate home and property insurance coverage. Additionally, ensure that your liability coverage is suitable to your risk. That way, you experience peace of mind knowing that you’re safe and protected no matter what the festive season brings forth. Do you have concerns about whether your insurance cover is appropriate or want to purchase a holiday cover? Contact Banas & Fickert Insurance Agency for more information.