About That Washing Machine Water Supply Hose…..

Black washer and dryer machine in a laundry room

Some washing machines are equipped with lots of bells and whistles, technology and are often a centerpiece of a laundry room. But homeowners often overlook a basic part of this appliance: the two supply water lines to the washing machine.

A broken washing machine water supply line can discharge 500 gallons of water in an hour and cause catastrophic damage to your home. Imagine a flood emanating from your first-floor laundry room or even worse yet a second or third floor!! and seeping into the family room, bedrooms, and bathrooms, etc.. *This happened to one of our clients recently, causing more than $23,000 in damage to her house… and we have seen similar disasters go over $100,000 in water damage.

The $100,000+ claim happened while the family was vacationing in Florida for a week, they came home to the house basically totaled on the interior from a broken water supply line to the washing machine on the second-floor washroom.

Those basic black rubber hoses installed with many washing machines are often the culprit, however, there are options available to safeguard your home against interior flooding.

Consider The Watts IntelliFlow® Automatic Washing Machine Shutoff Valve, which uses a state-of-the-art electronic control device that senses the washing machine’s current flow.
Also, always be sure to use high-quality nylon-encased or stainless steel-encased water supply lines in addition to any other safety mechanism you may or may not have.

Speaking of leaks, homeowners should also make sure they are covered if the sewer, septic system backs up or the sump pump fails.

In these cases, a special endorsement is needed. These come in varying degrees of coverage and we can help you choose the best policy for your property.

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