Family Fire Safety – Education and Planning

Firefighter suited up walking from a smoky building

Children have a natural curiosity about fire and its ability to “come out of nowhere.” However, as an adult, you’re well aware of the dangers of fire and the value of fire safety education. Matches, lighters, and other heat sources are one of the leading causes of fire-related deaths for children under five.

Thankfully, it is easy to circumvent the statistics with the help of fire safety. Parents should practice and teach fire-safe behaviors to children and educate them about the dangers of fire and ignition sources with the help of lesson plans that can be created and shown at home.

Fire Safety Education For Children

  • Teach children that fire doesn’t just appear from thin air – teach them about ignition sources, that fire is dangerous because it is hot and quickly spreads, creating smoke that causes damage to the lungs. Allow open dialogue and empower kids to ask questions about fire. Answer them in an age-appropriate language that they’ll understand.
  • Warn children never to play with matches and lighters. Instruct children to notify you or another adult if they find these items in the house or somewhere in public. You can help set a good example by refraining from using fire as a source of entertainment – children will want to re-create the experience, with or without your supervision.
  • Check your local libraries and pick up books about the aftermath of fires and fire safety designed for kids. The children’s literature section will have books that deal with the subject of fire, firefighters, the damage that can be caused by fire.
  • By using the power of song, you can reinforce the need to get out of a burning building. A catchy tune sticks with children – with this song being sung to the tune of Frere Jacques.

The importance of creating a fire safety plan. Designate two ways out of every room if possible. While creating a fire safety plan, make sure that windows are not stuck closed. For windows that aren’t used habitually, they can be stuck shut due to grime and accumulated dirt. Inspect the windows, and make sure that they can be opened quickly, that screens can be removed in a pinch, and the security bars can be engaged.